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Casino PPC

Are you looking for a different method of promoting your online casino site? The iGaming Agency can help you develop and monitor casino PPC services to present your site at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We have worked on a range of iGaming and casino PPC campaigns for clients around the world with popular platforms like Google, Microsoft and Facebook!

iGaming Casino PPC Services

The marketing strategy of casino PPC advertisement can be confusing and somewhat overwhelming for a casino site to organise internally. Once we understand the goals you are trying to achieve from casino PPC services, we can help to create and implement new ad lines or alter existing paid search campaigns.

Whether you are looking to increase the number of clicks and conversions on-site or outbid competitors for a specific game title or phrase, we can increase the value of paid ads. In the competitive iGaming industry, it is vital that casino PPC ad spends are altered in keeping with the market value and their effectiveness. The iGaming Agency will begin with a review of any existing PPC ad lines; this will help us track conversions and compare these with targets to determine a return on advertising spend (ROAS).

The next step in preparing an effective casino PPC campaign will involve reviewing audience demographics, Search Term Query Reports (SQR), negative keywords and landing pages. This can help us make informed decisions on new ad-word campaigns, with a data-driven approach being vital to our casino PPC services.

Similar to the service we provide with iGaming SEO, the casino PPC strategy for your site is based heavily on extensive keyword research. This can help us to gain an understanding of the current keywords being bid for and identify any gaps in your strategy.

Types of Casino PPC Ads

The casino PPC services that we offer can help clients target a range of different searches, from generic casino search terms to specific game titles. Whether your site offers a number of high-quality live casino game titles or slots of a specific genre, we can help players find them at the top of SERPs!

An online casino PPC ad campaign can be used to target general casino terms that receive a high number of searches online, from bonus promotion offers to live poker competitions. It may be hard to compete with big names in the online casino industry for these ads, and we can help monitor the cost and effectiveness of casino PPC ads throughout the process.

If your site has a niche service it offers, this can be a great thing to advertise online and get ahead of other casinos in targeting players searching for this niche. A growing market right now is in live game show titles from developers like Evolution Gaming; this could be a more niche service to base a casino PPC campaign on.

Casino PPC Campaign Price

Whether you’re starting out with PPC ad lines for the first time or are looking to improve the effectiveness of existing bids, the budget for this strategy is entirely up to you. The iGaming Agency can help your advertising budget go further by developing a brand-specific, targeted campaign and monitoring how these ad lines perform to make changes when needed.

Our experience with casino PPC strategies for clients ranges from organising smaller, niche advertisements at specific times of the day to competitive AdWords over a long duration. We can help clients understand the full cost of their PPC strategy and the potential impact this will have, plus make any bid changes to suit the client’s budget!

Casino PPC Services Compliance

Part of the casino PPC services we offer includes ensuring that advertisements are in line with the laws and regulations of gambling authorities. Like with all iGaming PPC ads, we ensure any adverts produced are compliant to avoid the site receiving any penalties from government bodies like the Gambling Commission. These regulations can affect all aspects of casino marketing, from social media pages to slot game reviews, so we advise clients to develop an understanding of compliance.

Part of our preparation and research will look into ensuring no compliance regulations are broken. Online casino PPC campaigns are more at risk of this with the potential of these ads presented to minors or vulnerable people through search engine results pages.

Any online casino looking to try out PPC advertising should first make sure the site is fully operational with a professional and effective site layout. We can help with a variety of other marketing strategies to improve a casino’s visibility, from search engine optimised content to digital PR and outreach. Once the foundations are in place, making casino PPC ad lines can be a very effective way of increasing traffic to a casino.

If you’re interested in discussing your project with our team of iGaming PPC experts, please get in touch via our contact us page.

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