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What is Digital PR? Why do I need it?

If you’re looking for more ways to improve an online casino site’s visibility in both the industry and search engine results pages, the iGaming Agency could help. We have worked with a range of clients building digital PR and outreach opportunities for online casinos, iGaming and sports betting sites!

This method of marketing an online betting site can be fully managed externally with minimal input required from the company itself. We are able to find trusted online sites and pages to publish information on the site, providing positive PR and a strong link to the site. This could be the logical next step to further improve your online casino reach; check out exactly how we can help with your online betting site digital PR.

Online Casino Digital PR

Digital PR or public relations is an iGaming SEO strategy designed to boost the online presence of your casino or sportsbook. The focus of digital iGaming PR is aimed towards the online community of news sites, journalists, bloggers and influencers. The roots of digital PR have the objective of delivering newsworthy and engaging content to authority sites and online publications to gain high-quality backlinks from trusted sources on the web and social media platforms.

Growing the number of high-quality backlinks is vitally important for iGaming SEO, and digital PR is one of the most effective methods to achieve this. Google search advocate John Mueller believes digital PR to be as critical as technical SEO in helping a site rank.

At iGaming Agency, we know first-hand that links from high-quality websites often turn good SEO results into great SEO campaigns. We’ve designed a service that will enable you to gain high-quality backlinks across the different geographic locations relevant and targeted to your online casino or sportsbook.

It involves:

We work with clients to produce a digital PR plan taking account of what is happening within the business and the wider industry so that we always have content that can be used to earn links where appropriate.

The use of iGaming digital PR and outreach can be effective for betting sites that are looking to progress within the industry. It is important to ensure your site is fully functional with a clear site structure and casino SEO incorporated across your pages before advertising the service you provide.

If you’re interested in discussing our digital PR or link building services, please get in touch via our contact us page.

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