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iGaming SEO

Achieving rankings and increasing organic traffic in your core market is the key to a significant return on investment for online casino or sportsbook content. It can be challenging due to the competitive nature of the iGaming content industry and changes over time, such as Google’s algorithm and regulatory updates.

To succeed in gambling-related searches, you need to understand the competitive nature of each search. It also means you must focus your iGaming SEO content efforts on keywords where there is a chance of success, as you will be competing against other sites, vying equally as hard for them. There’s more chance of success when targeting specific types of traffic or long-tail phrases with SEO for iGaming and sportsbooks.

Sportsbook Content SEO

The strategy of SEO for sportsbooks is no different from other gambling SEO campaigns. From the most basic level, you need a logical site structure and landing pages for the various search queries that you want to target. The sports betting content on each page needs to be unique and targeted to the search query.

With sports betting, there is so much opportunity and inspiration to write detailed and engaging content. We work with clients to produce detailed content plans for landing pages, blogs and betting guides that will allow us to strengthen your site and target the most competitive searches.

SEO Specialists

We’re a specialist iGaming SEO agency with over a decade of experience in the iGaming industry, including casino SEO and betting optimisation campaigns. We have successfully helped clients in the U.K., Europe, LATAM, North America, Africa, and New Zealand improve their search visibility with high-quality content for iGaming.

New to iGaming SEO

Our iGaming SEO experience has helped new operators grow their organic visibility and player acquisition sustainably. We’ve also worked with established brands to reinvigorate traffic and revenue while improving overall rankings in search engines. We have helped brands grow internationally by building a strategy rooted in experience and analysis.

We have experience with all major betting platforms and many lesser-known ones, and there’s not much we haven’t had to deal with or haven’t seen before.

The formula for success is not complex. You must address technical SEO issues, add unique indexable content, ensure a logical website structure, and load your pages quickly and efficiently.

It’s so simple, yet many people overlook it! Why? Simply because they get too caught up in the more enticing aspects of marketing, such as growing their social media presence or purchasing expensive advertising campaigns. Instead of looking at what matters on site and ensuring that you have a practical format offering great iGaming content services.

iGaming SEO Content

It pays dividends to get the basics right for the content. Firstly, you need good quality, compliant, unique iGaming content on relevant landing pages. Whether this is game information pages for slots or longer cornerstone pieces of writing like covering betting strategies produced by a knowledgeable iGaming content writer.

Igaming content is a key requirement with gambling search engine optimisation and casino SEO to close the gap and compete with the top brands. We work with you to produce content plans targeting a range of searches. We use the latest SEO analysis tools to evaluate your existing content and provide guidance on improving it to deliver higher rankings and increase search visibility.

If you’re worried that your platform doesn’t allow for adding content, don’t worry! We’ve dealt with such issues and can show you how we overcame them.

Link Building for iGaming

There are many ways to build links, but we do not even look at them until your website is in good shape. Even then, you don’t need some obscene budget.

Our link-building strategy is to find good quality and relevant links, but we build these slowly and consistently. Our transparency ensures you know where each link came from, so there are no surprises in the long run.

If the above sounds like something that would benefit you, contact us today!

Our Top Tips for iGaming SEO Success

We always want to help, even on projects that are in the early stages. Quite often, the decisions made at the start of a development project can impact success factors much later, particularly regarding organic content for iGaming rankings.

With this in mind, we’d like to give you our top gambling SEO tips for success.

Tip number one: Before signing up with a casino platform or sportsbook, ensure that there is a content management system that allows you to do basic tasks. This should include updating SEO metadata, adding content to landing pages or even creating new landing pages easily.

Tip number two: Ensure that your website pages can be indexed. Some platforms use certain programming frameworks that can stop search engines from indexing your site. There are often ways around this by using web applications that can fix the problem, but this needs to be considered from the start.

Tip number three: Get the platform provider to provide clients’ URLs so you can audit their sites. That way, your new gambling SEO partner can identify any problems with the platform that might hold you back before you sign the contract.

Tip number four: Work with an SEO provider pre-launch to plan your SEO campaign activity.

If you’re new to the market, you should consider the above so it doesn’t affect your iGaming SEO content strategy in the future.

iGaming SEO Service Summary

Our SEO service includes:

If you’re interested in discussing your project with our team of iGaming SEO experts, please get in touch via our contact us page.

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