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iGaming PPC

At iGaming Agency, we are a data-driven, passionate and friendly team that provides excellent service to our clients. Our diverse portfolio of casinos, sportsbooks and affiliates is a testament to this fact. We have a decade of experience dealing in paid ads campaigns with Google, Microsoft and social media platforms.

A Clear Strategy For iGaming PPC Growth

Betting PPC can be a costly and challenging endeavour. To keep your investment profitable, we take the time to understand what you’re trying to achieve – increased revenue or maintaining current success levels in an ever-changing marketplace!

Our approach will review everything about your existing paid search campaigns. Start with conversion tracking and understanding your targets regarding return on advertising spend (ROAS) and margin data.

Typically, our service will begin with reviewing your account by campaigns, ad group and keyword level, analysing performance, budgets and bidding strategies.

We’ll ensure goals are clearly defined before we review the target audience, search query reports, negative keywords, ad copy calls to action and landing pages.

Extensive keyword research will also help identify gaps in your paid strategy, and we’ll look to create new campaigns and ad groups as and when required.

Different iGaming PPC Ad Campaigns

We are able to put together effective PPC advertising campaigns for iGaming websites that feature all kinds of gambling markets. From ads relating to sports betting websites to casino PPC services, we can help promote your site above others on the search engine results page.

An iGaming PPC campaign for an online casino may feature ads of popular slot games that are being searched for more frequently. They could also advertise the great promotional offers featured on your site, another term that is popular in iGaming PPC campaigns.

The sports betting market is extremely competitive, specifically for new sites looking to compete with the bigger names like Bet365 and Paddy Power. Similar to the casino PPC services we offer, it is possible to target popular sports gambling search terms with targeted ad campaigns.

The Cost of iGaming PPC Campaigns

The price of an iGaming PPC strategy can vary, which makes this method of gaining site traffic great for businesses of all sizes. From niche websites focused on a specific brand of video slot games to online casinos with a huge variety of games and services to promote. An iGaming PPC campaign can help direct potential players searching for specific terms online to your site.

We can help to organise iGaming PPC services to suit any budget. Whether this campaign involves 1 or 2 ad lines targeting niche search terms or a variety of competitive terms with ads live at high traffic times of the day. The cost of each specific iGaming PPC campaign will be explained in full and can be altered to suit any budget.

iGaming PPC Compliance Checks

As with all gambling-related marketing strategies, there are plenty of laws and regulations to which gambling PPC services need to adhere. At iGaming Agency, we have years of experience developing campaigns in compliance with the industry standards enforced by law.

There are ways in which we can ensure these iGaming PPC ads only appear to those specifically looking for them. By targeting specific search terms, we are confident that the people these ads reach are actively looking to deposit and play with an online gambling site.

This lowers the risk of sports betting or iGaming PPC ads reaching vulnerable people like minors on a search engine results page.

Other iGaming Agency Marketing Strategies

There are many different ways in which we can help to promote your online gambling site along with iGaming and casino PPC services. We offer years of experience in the i-gaming sector to help your site organically rank higher in search engine results pages.

The text-based content an online casino or gambling website offers is key to its success. This could include anything from game reviews to betting tips written with iGaming SEO using keywords and phrases. Along with providing high-quality, compliant and informative texts, we can ensure these pages display higher on search engine result pages.

Another way in which we can help your online casino site to be looked upon more favourably by Google is with high-quality links from other websites. This link-building service finds other high-traffic sites and creates content for them, including a link directly to your web page. Along with the chance for potential gamers to click through this hyperlink, the existence of it can help Google rank a site higher.

There are plenty of ways that we can help your site receive more traffic, from iGaming PPC campaigns to optimised content. Check out all of the services we offer at the iGaming Agency website.

If you’re interested in discussing your project with our team of iGaming PPC experts, please get in touch via our contact us page.

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